The Location

Circolo ARCI San Lazzaro

The club was opened in 1977 and located in a renovated old barn. Nowadays it is a modern community center, a true landmark for locals that offers many cultural and recreational activities.

Sala Paradiso

Sala Paradiso (Paradiso Hall) is the main dancing hall of ARCI San Lazzaro Club and the very heart of Reno Folk Festival activities.
It has been hosting balls from 1992 and through several makeovers and upgrades, leading to state-of-the-art lighting, sound and video systems, it finally became what we can see today.
Sala Paradiso hosts evening balls throughout the week, ranging from traditional ballroom dancing to Latin American dances, group dances from the ’60 to the ’90 and Bologna’s traditional dance: Filuzzi.
Paradiso hall is also used as a theatre and conference hall, hosting from theatre pieces to puppet shows and concerts, most notably “Paradiso Jazz”, attracting fans from all over the province.
Access to the hall is restricted to ARCI club members, but the membership card can be purchased at the club itself with no restrictions.


Sala 77

Sala 77 (Hall 77) is entitled to the club members who in 1977 decided to roll up their sleeves to repair and renovate the old farmhouse that hosts the hall (still known as the “Red House” inspired by wall colours). They also created a space to play the local game of “bocce” (a sort of bowling game) on the side.
Given the size and the wide range of uses of the building, attention was paid to thermal comfort and interior noise reduction by installing acoustic panels on the main walls, granting a very high-quality experience in all conditions of use.


The park

The structure is surrounded by a beautiful park, perfect for walks, having a chat with friends or just to relax outdoors.


I luoghi: Il parco del Reno Folk Festival