Sunday Balls, June 11th


18:00-20:00 – Ciac Boum


Ciac Boum

This trio, composed of three “buskers” proposes country dances based on traditional music from the Poitou region (Center-West France) and other original compositions.

Christian Pacher was born with this kind of music and dance environment, loving their diversity and great energy.  Julien Padovani e Robert Thébaut grew up as improvisers, and more than this.

The trio will lead you in several dances: rondes, pas d’été, valzer, maraîchines and bals limousines… as if their life depended on it! They will play everything respecting the dance spirit they turn in music at their fingertips. If in certain moments a wind of freshness and a joyful freedom run over the parquet, it is due to old melodies filling the air of eternal youth!

Since their birth in Vialfrè in 2009, the Ciac Boum trio gained a great reputation among the audience (we count more than 150 performances up to now), thanks to their touch of originality and vivacity everybody can experience during their concerts. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, dancers and dames, stay tuned! We are starting soon… what will happen then?

Ciac Boum
Julien Padovani : chromatic accordion, kick, choir
Christian Pacher : violin,diatonic accordion, choir
Robert Thébaut : violin, guitar, chant
Olivier Thillou : sound technician

Facebook: Ciac Boum

20:30-22:30 – ByTikZyz


Instrumental folklore band ByTikZyz started its music activity in 2008. The band appears not only in stage performances. The main goal of the band – social dance party where everyone is a participant, everyone is a dancer. The repertoire consists of the XIX – early XX century dance tunes: a pair dances, waltzes, polkas, quadrilles. Dance and music is one body in Lithuanian traditions, so it is through dancing that the highest values of traditional music are best experienced. ByTikZyz is on a mission to spread the joy of traditional dancing – to loose oneself in a dance and melody, have fun and feel, as it was then and forever.

The ByTikZyz are: Edita Gumauskaitė (violin, dance teacher), Daumantas Čepulis (button accordion, bandoneon) and Artiom Oppermann (tambourine(drum))

Facebook: ByTikZyz

23:00-00:30 – Hot Griselda

Trying to escape Irish traditional music uilleann piper Stijn van Beek ended up at a folkbal in Nijmegen, looking for some shelter for the autumn cold of 2007. But apparently there was no escape. Before he even managed to enter the dancefloor the haunting sound of the Irish pipes surrounded him once again, this time played by multi-instrumentalist Toon van Mierlo. As a result of this most remarkable meeting Toon and Stijn decided to start playing together with two renowned string-prodigies: Kaspar Laval and Jeroen Geerinck. Hot Griselda was born. And She was hotter than hot, bigger than huge and at times quite sensitive… Hot Griselda hit the folkscene by surprise and hit it hard. After Her first appearance at Boombalfestival summer 2008 a stormy year followed during which She conquered the hearts and minds of the folkies throughout Belgium, Holland and even Portugal. Within a year Her first album was out, containing thirteen steamy tracks of folk with echoes from Ireland, Flanders, Brittany and even heavy metal. Recently Hot Griselda spread her wings to France and Germany, in the meantime working on brand new refreshing material!