Speleological adventure at the Spipola Cave

Friday – June 9 – we offer the possibility to visit SPIPOLA CAVE that is the largest hypogenic cave moulded in gypsum, so far known!

  • Economic contribution: € 5 (exceptionally instead of € 15)
  • Meeting point: 12:00 am in the yard of ARCI club of San Lazzaro, in order to organize transportation.
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Equipment: wear clothes suitable for 10-12 ° C (including long trousers) and rubber boots or boots. Path is usually muddy, therefore we recommend spare clothes.

Grotta della Spipola, Salone GiordaniGrotta della Spipola, Salone Giordani

Do not expect boardwalk and artificial lighting, the Spipola Cave is an ADVENTURE! It is a speleological visit that involves the use of safety helmets with lighting and physical contact with rock and mud. It’s not just for ironman, but it’s still a great adventure to warm up your muscles for 3 days of dancing.

La Nottola Aps-Asd provides an expert guide, dancer as well: a unique opportunity, not to be missed!

The tour is organized exclusively for the participants of the Reno Folk Festival with a reduced participation fee: just € 5.
LIMITED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS! So you need to book and register by filling out the registration form.