Prices and opening time

60 euros – 3 days full immersion (workshops included)
45 euros – 2 days (workshops included)
25 euros – 1 day (workshops included)
20 euros – one night only
10 euros – one workshop only.

There is no pre-sell, tickets can only be bought at the festival.

The cash will be in Sala Paradiso on Friday and Saturday, in Sala 77 on Sunday.

Opening time:
Friday from 15:30 to 00:00
Saturday from 9:30 to 00:00
Sunday from 9:30 to 22:00

We suggest you buy your ticket before the ball starts, to avoid long waiting time at the cash. In case of need please contact us at +39 3713866532. The contact number will be active till half an hour after cash closing time

Presubscriptions will be appreciated to help us organize your stay. If you want to sleep in the gym, presubscription is mandatory.