Music workshops

Occitan songs – Cocanha

The three Cocanha singers will introduce an ensemble singing, based on the occitan repertoire. With a rithmic and polyphonic game, this workshop is aimed to offer a fun practice of traditional rythmic singing, either to lead the dance and to experience the shared energy of polyphonic singing. Occitan idiom will be our vocal playground: we will eat it, enjoy its flavor and make it play together with us.


Traditional techniques of Apulian Tambourine

The tambourine is the most arcaic and meanful element of the manifold and variform tradition of the South of Italy. The several rhythms, sounds and techniques of this instrument are the expression of the diversity of the peoples who play and even „live“ this music. During the lesson we‘ll explore some different styles of the Apulian local variations  of „tarantella“ (so has been named the big “family” of the dancing traditions of the South) and particularly analyze the techniques of Pizzica Pizzica from Salento and from Lower Murgia, and the rhythm from Gargano Peninsula.

Domenico Celiberti

Domenico Celiberti, nenowned multi-instrumentalist from Apulia, since several years researches and safeguards the repertory of his originary territory. He collaborates with many musical groups with strong traditional characteristics throughout Italy and France (Capa Cupa, Tittòmmë, Tomma Tommë, Paranza del Geco, Capa Cupa, Tittomme, Tomma Tomme, Le Bal Rital-Paris).