Friday Balls, June 9th


19:30 – 21:00- Osteria del Mandolino

Osteria del Mandolino

Mandolins, guitar, ocarina, double bass and the accordion meet at the Osteria del Mandolino, an introspective place born out of the mists of the past, a place where the things of old return to life, and where it is still possibile to listen to serenades, be twenty years old and dance embracing, and, in a journey of discovery, enter in contact with the most intimate and truest part of your Self.

Playing these instruments, this repertoire, is like returning home after having travelled for a long time; and while completing this nostalgic journey, you will meet the ocarina, the Bolognese land which plays, since 1853. This land, which falls away from the dancers’ feet, becomes a sound, it makes lighter their steps and more vorticose their spins.

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Osteria del Mandolino:
Domenico Celiberti: Mandolin, Violin and voice
Antonio Stragapede: Mandolin and Guitar
Marco Visita Marcheselli: Organino Bolognese
Federico Massarenti: Ocarina di Budrio
Nicolò Scalabrin: Guitar
Peppe Aiello: Doublebass

21:30-23:30 – La Mesquia

“A band that moves like a swiss clock, but raises in the listener deep emotions. Even though they strongly hold their roots in traditional culture, they never give up constant musical innovation”. That’s how La Mesquia was described when they won Suonare@Folkest2015 contest.

This band’s history begins in 2011 and walks through two albums and several concerts, festivals, theaters, folk events and traditional fairs.

Their first album, “En l’aire ailamont”, opened the way to some important festivals and contests, including Etetrad, interesting event from Valle d’Aosta, which gave the band an impulse to go on deepening their musical research; from that research their second album “Podre” was born.

2016 has been the year in which many new songs have been conceived. Many of them have been recorded in the Drant Deman pre-release. They will soon give birth to the new CD, expected for 2017.

La Mesquia:
Luca Pellegrino: voice, accordion, flutes and bagpipe.
Remo Degiovanni: ghironda, harmonica and lyrics
Manuel Ghibaudo: small accordion
Chiara Cesano: violin and viola
Alessia Musso: harp
Giorgio Marchisio: double bass
Silvio Ceirano: drums

00:00-02:00 – Ballsy Swing

Great French group formed by three as eccentric as talented musicians: Colin Delzant, Valere Passeri (also members of Sextet à Claques) and Lucas Thebaut (accordion player in mayor bands like Accordzeam, Les Doigts de Carmen and many others).

To understand what will make us crazy of them, just read their self-description:
“Trained in the ruins of an ancient castle of the Rhone, this group has an epic story, an ode to the tragic youth of musicians who survived thanks to a couple pizzas marinated in jasmine tea. In a maze of dark cellars, three promising young men were forced to intensively listen to Bach, Jean-Michel Braces and other unknown repertoires of Bouree d’Auvergne. During childhood they have been often seen dragged in chains to play on the stages of improbable balls, only fed with zucchini and nutria stew, to make them future big bosses of the “little hip hop stars with committed texts” industry. Taking advantage of a moonless night they managed to escape, and after shelter in a strip club they ended their epic journey on the bal folk stages. So today Colin Delzant (cello), Valere Passeri (violin) and Lucas Thebaut (melodeon) are proud to offer the fruit of this incredible journey: music that will make you dance, scream, and maybe even fly, to the sound of this swing … that comes from afar! ”
Well … was it enough to drive you crazy?
If it is not enough, come listen to them anyway, you won’t regret it!

Ballsy Swing:

Colin Delzant: cello
Valère Passeri: violin
Lucas Thebaut: button accordion