Reno Folk Festival is a section of G.Masi Sports club in Casalecchio di Reno, Italy. It was born in the firs 80’s, with a different name, collecting and developing different experiences about folk dances of a group of teacher and educators. Over the years it has gradually increased its activities , presenting itself as one of the first organized groups organized for the promotion and dissemination of repertoires linked to popular tradition.

After an initial phase dedicated to the creation of folk dance courses , in 1986 the Teamballo group was born and gave a further boost to informative and promotional aspects , combining the preparation and construction of the shows , the deepening and the training on repertoires . The first parties were organized and gradually became important events, continuing growing and causing, over the years, the increasing of the number of lovers and sympathizers of folk dances.

In the decade from 96 to 2006 Reno Folk found its main points of strength: sdance and instrument stages with the main Italian and foreign researchers and teacher ( D.Staro – P.Courbefin ​​- B.Coclet – C.Padovani – P.Gala – R. Bucci – G.Gori – T. Chessa and G.Mereu – P. O Goddess – T. Edelman – Patrice Sauret – Bernard Coclet – Yv Leblanc – J.Rostagni – G. Godon – B. Guerbigni – J. Grollier – P. Leblanc – L. Fosset.- R. Cardona -A . Perez – D.Pece- P.Perez – U.Maiorano – Ballati everyone ), parties, shows and festivals of our territory and region.

Starting from those years Reno Folk began to differentiate its activities , with many courses , the establishment of the third month Saturday’s parties and the organization of stages and activities in schools . Even its external promotion activity is very complex: a group show, the Teamballo, an entertainment group, the Seven Steps, a musical group, the Strapazzon and a theater group, the Tresca. For several years this internal variety and richness was unique in the revival of traditional culture panorama.

In 2002, the most important event: the first edition of RenoFolkFestival, a festival born from the dream of Mauro Burnelli and other teachers, to tranform Casalecchio into a reference point for the folk tradition dances and music. During those years, untill 2010 Masi and Reno Folk also participated to Granbaltrad, Vialfrè and Grand bal d’Europe, Gennetines , whith workshops and concerts.

In the following years, things changed , and gradually this articulation of the activities was lost and exhausted. Now they are strongly engaged in the activation of the courses and to continue the experience of the festival , now in its 15th edition . They still remain committed to the popularization of folk dance and music, and in the promotion of a socialization and aggregation spaces.

This journey inside music and dance that they proposed over the past years , will begin with the the RenoFolkFestival 2.0 2016 edition a new adventure that will meet the experience of the new urban folk, a new approach to folk dances that from 2014 represents a real innovation in the folk music panorama. Performers and promoters of this new trend in Bologna reality are the GDB or the Young Bolognesi Dancers . This collaboration, already experimented fruitfully in many joint initiatives, will allow to build an important festival due to artistic presence and frequencies, to a real tribute to a tradition, the popular one, which has been able to process forms of expression of great anthropological and cultural value.